EXOFFICINA INTERIORS is a creative lab for haute decor operating in the world of interior design.

It is a company made up of people who pursue excellence through the scenographic power of featured materials – with passion, talent and competence.

Sprung from the encounter in 2009 between artists, artisans and creatives sharing the same love of what is beautiful and finely crafted, the company today engages in constant research into techniques and high-quality materials, drawing upon the Italian tradition of art and craftsmanship.

All works by EXOFFICINA INTERIORS stem from an intense dialogue with clients.

Decorative panels, paintings, surface designs and furnishing accessories are conceived through careful observation, analysis and the sharing of creative visions.

EXOFFICINA INTERIORS collaborates with architects and designers through its artists and experts, enriching their semantic universe from the very first stages through countless creative insights: a guiding thread running through each project.

Over the years, EXOFFICINA INTERIORS has acquired considerable experience on the Italian and the international market, especially Russia, China, and Europe.